Just let us animate your things.

Hi, my name is Paz, I remember this moment at a very young age when I saw an animated film for the first time, at that moment, I decided I want to be an animator. So I start trying to paint and build crazy things using Lego, sitting for hours in front of clear drawing pages that were filled one by one with scribbles, figures and locations I imagined.

Whenever I was asked the obvious question ‘what would you like to be when you grow up’, I consistently but shyly answered – ‘animator’. Eyebrows were raised, people laughed, some from a lack of understanding of what it means, and decided for me to be an engineer, programmer, or other similar professions. And even when I learned these directions because I was pressured, I said, “Sabba, I will know how to electrify things, but I will be an animator.” After military service, I decided to fulfill a dream I had since high school and went to study at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. From there everything warped and became much more interesting.

My little team and I are here to bring you interesting products and turn your story into a piece of art. Try us, we are ready for any challenge …

Animated videos are an important thing for building a story for your business, one that will capture your customers and give them a connection to your story.

We offer a super-fast, efficient, and creative service, with solutions for almost every budget to produce animated videos and fill your business with visual content.

Yalla. Let's animate new video that will impact your audience